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Golden Touch Hand Wash

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Magic Hand WashAs the year draws to a close, many people are asking me for rituals to ensure luck and prosperity in the New Year.  I enjoy doing prosperity spells myself this time of year.  Recently I was speaking with my friend Tamás who is a talented eclectic magician and he shared with me a money and luck ritual he’d developed which he calls his “Golden Touch Hand Wash.”  The idea is similar to using floor washes or sprinkling herbal infusions around your home to bring luck and prosperity but with the hand wash, you soak your hands in a blessed herbal liquid that confers a “golden touch” that will bring luck and success to your business projects, money making endeavors as well as in the lottery and games of chance.  I instantly loved the uniqueness of this magical recipe and tried it for myself with fast and amazing results and I definitely recommend it as part of your end of year prosperity rituals to set the tone for wealth, success and happiness in the New Year.

You will need:

One teaspoon dried thyme

One teaspoon cinnamon

One teaspoon dried ginger

One teaspoon mustard seeds

7 Cloves

3 Bay Leaves

Handful of dried orange peels

Fill a large pot with water and bring to a roaring boil.

Add all the ingredients and allow to boil for exactly 7 minutes.

Cool and strain.

Reserve the liquid in a pot or basin and once it’s completely cooled submerge your hands in it.  Gently splash your hands around in the liquid and make sure they are entirely covered from the wrist down.

Recite the following invocation, “I bathe my hands in this magical mixture and will that it confer onto me the golden touch to make all my business activities flourish and luck abound in my life.  So mote it be!”

Allow your hands to dry off naturally.

Cinnamon and ginger and known irritants, so if you have sensitive skin you may want to avoid washing your hands with this mixture.  If that is the case, you could still brew the herbal infusion using less water and sprinkle it around your home to bring luck and prosperity.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and I urge you to give the Golden Touch Hand Blessing a try.  I can assure you it is a good way to set the tone for luck and wealth in the New Year.  As always I thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and I wish you peace, happiness and abundant blessings!





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  • Sabrina

    I have granulated orange peel for baking. Would this work the same as dried orange peels?

  • Adam

    What can i do with the liquid after i wash my hands

    • You can just dispose of the liquid water the hand wash. Also, you can sprinkle some around your home for added luck.

  • Adam

    Thanks also can fresh ingredients be used instead of the dried ones

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