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Moon Energy

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According to a variety of magical traditions,  workings to bring about prosperity and good fortune as well as new love are traditionally cast during the waxing moon and cleansings, exorcisms and workings to rid oneself of an unwanted influences are done mainly during the waning moon.  Any type of spell may be done on the full moon as the energy is so intensely strong that it will magnify any vibe being sent out.  This is just a…
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Mercury Retrograde

The planets in our solar system

Three or four times a year the planet Mercury slows in its orbit and appears to move backwards in reference to other planets moving through the solar system.  This lasts about three to fours weeks.  Since Mercury has dominion over communication and technology, it is not uncommon or computers to crash, cell phones to drops calls, e-mails to not be received correctly and communication between partners in relationships to be less than ideal.  This is especially true…
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