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Fat Domination Spell

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D1130-Angle-1024x835I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year!  2017 was a difficult year for many people but I can feel that 2018 will be a time to reap the rewards of the hard work and lessons of the past year.  I am not an expert in astrology, but a friend of mine who is has been telling me that this year will be filled with unique planetary alignments that will make 2018 a time of spectacular energy, positive change and the planets will truly be on our side as we work toward achieving our goals.  For many people, weight loss and improved health is often a resolution for the New Year, so I thought I would share one of my favorite spells for weight loss.

This is one of my favorite spells to cast since it is about taking control over your weight and making a firm decision to commit to health and well-being. I designed this spell based on another ritual called a revocation that is performed in many spiritual traditions that is meant to expel bad luck, evil spirits and break curses that were placed by one’s enemies.  In this case, what is being sent away is your fat.  In addition to being highly effective in terms of weight loss, this spell is extremely empowering as when you perform it you are literally taking an oath to take charge over your own body and inviting health and happiness to your life.


You will need:

A small white or yellow candle

A small piece of paper and a pen


Think for a moment about the amount of weight you’d like to lose.  Write the number of excess pounds on the piece of paper.

Light the candle.

Hold the piece of paper above the candle, but not yet touching the flame.

Say aloud in a confident, authoritative voice, “I cast out and expel from by body and life all unwanted and unnecessary psychical and spiritual weight.  All that holds me back in life I send away to the wastelands where the shepherd does not graze his flock never to return to me.  I am now and always in a perfect state of health and well-being.  So be it.”

Touch the paper to the flame and allow it to burn to ashes on a heat resistant surface.

Extinguish the candle and then dispose of it.  This is one of the rare occasions where I would advise you to extinguish a candle and not allowing it to burn out on its own.  Once the paper is burned, it has served its purpose.

Take the ashes from the burnt paper and either scatter them into the wind or flush them down the toilet.

Walk away knowing that your excess weight is no longer a part of your life and it will quickly and easily fall away.









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