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New Orleans Voodoo Course

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Louisiana Voodoo is essentially an African spirit religion, having is roots in the ancient Kingdom of Dahomey, which fused with French Catholicism in the New World and later with European and American Spiritualism. Voodoo is practiced today principally in the city of New Orleans and more recently around the world. It is separate from, although shares common roots with, Haitian Voodoo. Voodoo has served for generations as a practice of spiritual empowerment and self-determination among a people long marginalized and oppressed and can empower you to bring positive change to your own life and give you a strong spiritual edge in achieving your goals and desires.

Voodoo Dolls

The course consists of five separate lessons, each of which I will personally evaluate via email and offer whatever insight and encouragement I can based on my experience and expertise as a lifelong Voodoo practitioner. Included in the course are two personal phone conversations with me in which we can exchange ideas, address issues and discuss your progress in the course.

Voodoo can empower you to bring positive change to your own life and give you a strong spiritual edge in achieving your goals and desires.

Lesson 1: What is Voodoo and how can it change your life? The origins and development of this fascinating spiritual tradition in African, the Caribbean and the Louisiana colony. What Voodoo is and is not. The differences between Louisiana and Haitian Voodoo. How Voodoo and can be put to use to help you build the life you want.

Lesson 2: The role of ancestors in Voodoo. How to put your ancestors to work of your behalf. How our ancestors protect us and open our path to success and happiness. Making an ancestor feast.

Lesson 3: The lwa: Spirits of Voodoo. Who are the Lwa and what do they represent? This lesson includes a personal phone consultation to determine your principal lwa and to address and questions you may have thus far.

Lesson 4: How to serve the lwa. Making an altar. Conducting a service to the lwa to request a favor or help in a specific area on your life. The Voodoo Liturgy. The Feasts of St. Jonh’s Eve and Fet Ghede/All Souls Day.

Lesson 5: Spirit Bottles, Gris Gris Bags and Voodoo dolls. The use of charms and physical objects in Louisiana Voodoo. Myth, Hollywood Hype and reality. A practical tutorial in making your own gris gris bags and spirit bottles and using dolls to serve spirits and ancestors. This lesson includes another phone consultation with me to address any remaining questions you have regarding the course.

I look forward to teaching you the practice of Louisiana Voodoo and coming along with you on this fascinating journey of spirituality and self-discovery!

New Orleans Voodoo Course

  • via eMail and includes 2 phone sessions
  • $100 USD

This course summary was prepared by James Duvalier and is available as an email correspondence class and includes two phone sessions.