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Mediumship Course

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The idea of communicating with spirits can be frightening for many people. This is in part due to much misinformation perpetuated by Hollywood and fundamentalist groups regarding communication with the other side. The truth is that spirits are just like us. They lived as we do on Earth and at some point in the future, we will join them on the other side. Based on my experience as a lifelong medium, I have compiled this course to help anyone who wishes to master the practice of mediumship and develop a mutually beneficial relationship with his/her personal spirit guides.

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The course consists of five separate lessons, each of which I will personally evaluate via email and offer whatever insight and encouragement I can. Included in the course are two personal phone conversations with me in which we can exchange ideas, address issues and discuss your progress in the development of your mediumistic abilities.

The truth is that spirits are just like us.

Lesson 1: A discussion of the idea of communication with the spirit world from various cultures and an overview of the teachings and philosophies of Allen Kardec, the founder of Espiritismo, the precursor to American Spiritualism. Where we go when we die and the relationship between spirits and living people.

Lesson 2: Techniques to facilitate communication with the spirit world. Exercises in unblocking yourself and receiving messages from the other side.

Lesson 3: Your personal spirit guide. This lesson will include a person phone consultation with me in which we establish contact with your spirit guide. You will also have the opportunity to ask direct questions to your guide and receive messages from the other side.

Lesson 4: Practical uses of mediumship for the betterment on your own life and to help others around you. A discussion on how to help and be helped by spirits of family members and ancestors on the other side.

Lesson 5: Different tools and techniques of mediumship-channeling, automatic writing, use of talking boards and necessary precautions therewith. You will also have another personal phone consultation with me to address any remaining questions you have regarding the subject matter of the course or to discuss anything you’d like related to my fields of expertise.

I look forward to helping you develop your skills as a medium and coming along with you on this fascinating exploration of the spirit world and all it has to offer!

Mediumship Course

  • via eMail and includes 2 phone sessions
  • $100 USD

This course summary was prepared by James Duvalier and is available as an email correspondence class and includes two phone sessions.