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Developing Psychic Abilities Course

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In addition to being a working psychic, I am also spiritual teacher, helping others down the path of spiritual exploration. Over the years, I have been shocked at how much misinformation abounds regarding psychic abilities. So many people have said to me: “I wish I could do what you do,” or “It’s too bad I wasn’t born psychic like you.” The truth is that you are psychic! Every single person on Earth possesses innate psychic abilities, some people just have a naturally more developed gift just like some people are naturally better singers or athletes. I have developed this course first and foremost to help you discover your own psychic gift and also to dispel the belief that only a select few people on Earth are psychic.

Opening the Third Eye - Image of Brow Chakra from Rajasthan India 18th Century

The course consists of five separate lessons, each of which I will personally evaluate via email and offer whatever insight and encouragement I can. Included in the course are two personal phone conversations with me in which we can exchange ideas, address issues and discuss your progress in the development of your psychic abilities.

Every single person on Earth possesses innate psychic abilities.

Lesson 1: General discussion of psychic phenomena, where it comes from, what it is and several techniques and exercises for unlocking your own innate abilities.

Lesson 2: A history of psychic reading from around the world and the optional use of tools such as tarot cards, tea leaves and pendulums in focusing your psychic ability especially in the learning and mastery stages.

Lesson 3: Different techniques of reading and putting into practice your psychic abilities. Aura reading, energetic impressions on objects and places, remote viewing and face to face personal readings.

Lesson 4: Putting your knowledge of psychic reading into practical use. For this lesson you and I will have person phone conversation in which you give me a reading! This is always my favorite lesson since I am truly amazed by the messages and impressions students share with me.

Lesson 5: A discussion of ways to continue to use and develop your psychic abilities beyond the completion of this course. You will also have another personal phone consultation with me to address any remaining questions you have regarding the subject matter of the course or to discuss anything you’d like related to my fields of expertise.

I look forward to helping you develop your psychic abilities and coming along with you on this fascinating journey of spirituality and self-discovery!

Developing Psychic Abilities Course

  • via eMail and includes 2 phone sessions
  • $100 USD

This course summary was prepared by James Duvalier and is available as an email correspondence class and includes two phone sessions.