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Conjuring Good Luck in the New Year!

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Back up your New Year's resolutions with some strong spiritual energy!

As the New Year approaches, we tend to pause and reflect of various goals we wish to accomplish which often involve drawing more luck, money and love into our lives.  These are commonly called New Year’s resolutions.  I would like to share with you a few simple spells, spiritual exercises and even foods you can prepare and eat to help drawn luck into your life.  This year why not back up your resolutions with some strong spiritual energy!  As a side note, the following exercises may be done any time of the year whenever you feel you are in need of a burst of good luck in your life, not just for the New Year.

Before beginning any luck drawing ritual, I would recommend taking a salt water bath to rid yourself of any negativity as it is very important to be spiritually clean before beginning any type of spiritual work.  Salt is a great neutralizer.  It takes away negativity, psychic sludge, bad luck and even chases away chaotic or harmful spirits and energies.  Many cultures and religions even use salt in exorcism rituals.  It’s as simple as adding an entire box of salt to a tub full of water and soaking as you normally would.  Stay as long as you’d like in the bathtub and make sure that you submerge yourself completely or at least pour some of the salt water over your head.  Before leaving the tub, say a quick prayer, for example: With this salt water bath, I cleanse away all psychic sludge, bad luck and negativity.  I am powerful and clean!  This is just an example, you may use any words you’d like or if there is a prayer appropriate to your religious or spiritual beliefs, you may use it.  If you don’t have a bathtub or prefer showers, you can simply stand in the running shower and scrub yourself with handfuls of salt and as the shower washes the salt away, recite the prayer.

Now that you are spiritually cleansed of all the bad luck and psychic sludge of the past year, you are ready to draw some good luck into your life!  One simple luck drawing ritual is to light a green or gold candle and simply ask that luck and money flow into your life.  Green and gold are the colors of wealth and success.  You may wish to write out a list of your goals and resolutions and burn a green or gold candle on top of them to bring luck and spiritual strength to your goals for the New Year.

My absolute favorite ritual to bring luck is the champagne bath!  This is an old tradition popular in Puerto Rican and Dominican folk magic.  It has been around at least a hundred years and is most traditionally performed on New Year’s Eve to ensure luck and prosperity in the New Year.  You may however take a champagne bath any time of year.   Champagne is often associated with luxury and immense wealth.  Also, its gold color is a symbol of the metal gold and the prosperity associated therewith.   I’ve heard from several Puerto Rican spiritual workers that the bubbles of the champagne are meant to lift you up to a higher status in life.  The cost of champagne can be prohibitive, so it’s completely acceptable and efficacious to perform this ritual with gold colored beer or ginger ale.  You simply stand under the running shower and pour the champagne over your head while concentrating on your desire for luck and wealth.  It is a fun ritual to perform and the bubbles feel amazing as they run down your body!

There are a number of foods you can make and eat for the New Year as well.  In Eastern Europe it’s common to make a soup out of as many pork products as possible since the pig is a symbol of prosperity.  Likewise in the American South it is customary to eat ham hocks with black eyed peas or a salad made out of black eyed peas known as Hopping John.  In China, meat filled dumplings and oranges are meant to bring good luck and are consumed in large quantities during Chinese New Year.  I have a friend who is a well-known Voodoo priestess and she recommends having champagne and caviar or whatever foods you associate with wealth and abundance on the first of the year to set the tone of luxury and wealth for the rest of the year.

On a final note, for those familiar with Afro-Caribbean or southern folk magic, you may wish to perform an ancestor feast and seek the blessings and protection of your ancestors and spirit guides throughout the New Year.  I perform this ritual annually on New Year’s Eve Day.  Start by creating a clear space on a table.  If you have a white table cloth, lay it down.  Onto the table place a glass of water, and however many white food offerings ad you would like, but at least one.  Pop corn, rice, dumplings, bread, pancakes, corn meal mush are all acceptable offerings, but be sure not to include any salt as this weakens spirits.  You may also wish to place on the table black coffee and a shot of vodka or another strong white alcohol.  Then light a white candle and speak to your ancestors and spirit guides and ask them to confer on you good luck, blessings and protection in the year to come.  This is a very powerful means of seeking help and blessings from the ancestors and saints and to ensure a successful and happy New Year!

I hope you have enjoyed this article and that you put some of its suggestions into practice.  Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and I wish you a happy and prosperous New Year!

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  • Sabrina

    I love the suggestions! I feel more positive just reading them. Looking forward to the champagne bath! Thank you.

    • Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the suggestions. I wish you a happy and prosperous New Year!

      • Sabrina

        thank you! I wish the same to you!

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