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Communication Spell

Candleburning Matthew Bowden Photographer - image shown on love spell entry James DuvalierLately, I have found myself giving out the follow communication spell to many people via email and I have decided to share it here today on the blog.  In my experience, it is highly effective and fast working.

One of the most frustrating aspects of starting a new relationship, looking for a new job and in fact expecting any news is waiting for the person in question to call you or communicate in some form.  This spell is meant to help give the person for whom you are waiting a push when it comes to making contact.  This spell has been around since at least the 1970’s and makes use of items associated with the planet Mercury which has dominion over communication.


You will need:

A piece of paper and a pen


A red candle


This spell is most highly effective when done on a Wednesday which is the day ruled by the planet Mercury, but it may be done any day of the week.


Write the name of the person you wish to call you on paper and surround the name with a circle of paprika.


Burn the red candle directly on top of the person’s name and allow it to burn out completely.


Meditate for a few minutes and visualize the person making contact with you.


Once the candle is extinguished, you may dispose of the paper.


I have known this spell to work is as little as twenty minutes!


If you decide to give this spell a try, please share your experience with me.  I thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and as always I wish you peace, happiness and abundant blessings!









  • Chris

    hey James, is there any way to ensure the communication is positive in nature? I want my ex to call me for a reconciliation. Thanks

    • Hi Chris. Thank you for commenting. When you do the communication spell, you could also write you ex’s name on paper and cover it with honey and place it near the communication candle. This would create a vibe of sweetness, tranquility and positive energy.

      • I’m happy to find the blog useful and informative! Yes, it’s perfectly fine to change the location of the offerings for practical reasons.

  • Sangeeta Bose

    Hi James,can you tell me that can it be done during waning phase also or only in waxing phase ?

    • It can be done during any moon phase.

      • Sangeeta Bose

        i did it but with candle my paper also burnt.should i keep a candle holder on the paper or only candle to be placed on the name? while extinguishing it burnt the paper and paprika also

        • I always use a candle holder, but it’s really just a matter of preference. It will work either way.

          • Sangeeta Bose

            will it work if the paper with name and paprika fully burnt ?

          • Yes. That’s fine. In fact burning a spell is often a good way to dispatch it. The fact that it caught on fire is a good sign that a lot of energy was conjured up.

  • Sangeeta Bose

    What is the maximum time frame for it to work?

    • It usually works quickly but if you encounter some resistance you can repeat it each Wednesday so it gathers strength.

  • Aiden Denver

    Thank you for all you do James.
    Please I have an exam in about a month, any advice or spiritual guidance that can help me pass ?
    Thank you.

    • This might sound strange, but I assure you it’s a very old, simply and highly effective spell for success in school. I used it myself many times in high school and at university. Take a whole walnut and write your name on it and carry it with you when you take your exam. It will bring you luck and help you succeed.

  • Aiden Denver

    Thank you for your reply. Looking online, I see there are black and brown walnuts.
    Thanks again

    • A plain brown walnut is what I used and is what I’ve seen others use.

  • Aiden Denver

    Like this one ?

  • Aiden Denver

    Thank you. So I shouldn’t crack it open, but write on the shell?.

  • Aiden Denver

    What should I do with the nut after am done with the first the exam.
    Should I also do same while studying or it’s only for that particular day?
    Thank you

    • You can keep the nut for future exams as well. You can carry it with you when you study or do anything school related as a charm for academic success.

  • Aiden Denver

    Waoh. Thank you. You really have had patience with me. Thank you. I will testify on its effectiveness.
    Thanks again

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