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Charity Spell


Peace be with you, my friends!  I feel that during the holidays, when we are amidst a sea of commercialism, it is important to do what we can for those who may find themselves in difficult situations and in need of our help.  I call this my "charity spell,"  it's not really a spell, just a simple act of making a donation to an organization or to an individual in need.  Helping others, even in small ways, can bring about tremendous blessings in our own lives and, even if only minutely, leave the world a little better off and remind others that there are still good people when all we see on the news is fear, hate and anger.  Something to think about, especially this time of year!

You could also donate some or your time, clothing or food.

Charity Spell

Performing acts of charity is a fundamental tenet of Christianity, Islam and many other world religions.  Sharing your resources with others who are less fortunate is an immense blessing that brings us closer to God.  Curiously enough, I have noticed that people who perform acts of charity are often blessed in return with wealth and continuous good luck.  There is a popular tradition in Latin America, which involves dropping a small amount of money into a donation box at a church as saying “Di una moneda a la virgencita y mucho dinero me dio,” “I gave a coin to the Virgin and she game me lots of money in return.”  One’s own financial gain should not be the intention when performing an act of charity, but I will admit that this simple ritual is by far the most effective and easiest to perform in this book.

You will need:

Whatever amount on money you can comfortably donate

A charity or religious organization of your choosing

Simply make a donation.  That’s it.

When you send in your check or donate online, simply say a prayer and affirm that you are performing an act of charity in the name of God and in thanksgiving for all the blessings you have.

If you can’t donate money or don’t feel like doing so, you could also donate some or your time to a charitable cause, some clothing or food to a homeless shelter or even donate blood.  All of these things are wonderful ideas and will no doubt help people who find themselves in difficult situations.

Perform this act of charity with an open heart and a spirit of thanksgiving and you will see that tremendous blessings flow into your life.

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