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James Duvalier's Voodoo Money Magic

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Voodoo Money Magic is a collection of money spells and magic lore compiled by James Duvalier, a priest of New Orleans style Voodoo. The author provides several simple and highly effective services to draw wealth, find employment and ensure success in business endeavors. You will also learn how to invoke saints and spirits to help with finances. In addition to valuable practical information, Voodoo Money Magic contains fascinating teachings on herbal money magic and the use of good luck charms.

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  • In 2012, I wrote my first book Voodoo Love Magic, because in my practice as a Spiritual Worker and Voodoo Priest the number one issue for which people come to consult with me is love and relationships. Money and career, however, is a close second, so it would seem logical that my next book would concern magic rituals and practices meant to help build wealth and financial security. That is indeed one of

    my reasons for writing Voodoo Money Magic, but another motive lies in the fact that many people complain of money problems yet feel serious guilt in regards to asking for spiritual help to attract greater wealth and better jobs. I often have them perform a cleansing ritual before even beginning the money drawing work to help them with shedding guilt or irrational notions that money corrupts and that possessing it

    in any large quality means they are bad people. I wish to emphatically state with the writing of this book that money is not dirty or evil and that wanting to have great wealth does not mean that you are selfish or uncharitable. This simply is not true and such thinking is hurtful and counterproductive.Think of everything we do throughout the course of a normal day. Wake up, shower, dress, drive to work, go the grocery store,

    Voodoo Money Magic is a collection of spells, rituals and charms that will set you down the path to wealth and overall financial success.

    James Duvalier Voodoo Money Magic

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James Duvalier

James Duvalier is a master psychic and medium as well as a priest of New Orleans Voodoo. A practioner of New Orleans style Voodoo and Spiritism, he is dedicated to dispelling the myth that only ignorant, backward people believe in the supernatural. He holds a masters degree from Babes Boyai University, speaks 7 languages and has written many short stories ,as well as, a novel. Passionate about his work, he enjoys helping others.