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Books and Spiritual Holidays

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Peace be with you, my friends!  June was a whirlwind of a month as it always is, with the Feast of St. John.  It was truly a magical night and we ended up making over 200 offerings to the spirits and saints.  After a week of rest and recuperation, I am finally back to operating at full speed. Today I wanted to take the time to mention that I have two books available for purchase on amazon.com -

Voodoo Love Magic and The November Vampires.

featured-book-voodoo-love-magicRUSTIC-cover-november-vampiresToday I wanted to take the time to mention that I have two books available for purchase on amazon.com.  Voodoo Love Magic which is a compilation of traditional love spells and rituals and information regarding saints and spirits you might invoke for help in matters of love.  The book also contains Voodoo stories and tidbits of folklore from Louisiana and the Caribbean.

The second is a short novel entitled The November Vampires that takes place in modern day New England and in Transylvania at the end of World War I.  Above all it is a supernatural love story fused with elements of vampirism and witchcraft.  Both of these books are priced at only $.99.  If you decide to purchase one or both of them, I would appreciate a kind review.  (Yes, it’s a shameless plug.)  I will also give free copies of the book upon request for anyone who orders a service from me.

July is a much more relaxing month as there are no major spiritual holidays.  The feast day of my special patron Saint Martha falls of the 29th and of course I will be making a service to her then.  In August I celebrate the Festival of the Hungry Ghosts and in September the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.  These are all wonderful, profoundly spiritual celebrations, but much more relaxing and less intense than St. John’s Night.  I will be blogging more about each of them in weeks to come.

I hope you are all enjoying the summer and as I always I wish you peace, happiness and a multitude of blessings.

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