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Garden Update

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IMG_2750The balcony garden continues to flourish and the sunflowers are in full bloom.  On the feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist (June 24th), I harvested some herbs and hung them to dry for later use in spiritual work.  There were also several important feast days throughout the month of June and on each of these special days I made offerings of flowers to the saints that were being celebrated on these days and I’ve hung them to dry to be burned as an offering at my annual Halloween spiritual gathering later this year.

The giant marigolds are continuing to grow well and have started to blossom.  They have always been one of my favorite IMG_2746flowers and have a long tradition of being associated with spiritual rituals in Aztec and later Mexican cultures and are an indispensable part of any Day of the Dead ofrenda.  Today there was a huge wind storm that blew some of the window boxes from my balcony but I retrieved them from the ground below and replaced them with the plants entirely unharmed.

On August 1st, which is Lammas, a day that celebrates the early Harvest, I will cut and hang to dry the majority of my flowers and plants.  Bringing in an abundant harvest has always been one of my favorite ways to kick off the fall season.  I hope you are enjoying the summer and looking forward to the wonders that fall will bring!

As always, I thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and I wish you peace, happiness and abundant blessings!



Communication Spell

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Candleburning Matthew Bowden Photographer - image shown on love spell entry James DuvalierLately, I have found myself giving out the follow communication spell to many people via email and I have decided to share it here today on the blog.  In my experience, it is highly effective and fast working.

One of the most frustrating aspects of starting a new relationship, looking for a new job and in fact expecting any news is waiting for the person in question to call you or communicate in some form.  This spell is meant to help give the person for whom you are waiting a push when it comes to making contact.  This spell has been around since at least the 1970’s and makes use of items associated with the planet Mercury which has dominion over communication.


You will need:

A piece of paper and a pen


A red candle


This spell is most highly effective when done on a Wednesday which is the day ruled by the planet Mercury, but it may be done any day of the week.


Write the name of the person you wish to call you on paper and surround the name with a circle of paprika.


Burn the red candle directly on top of the person’s name and allow it to burn out completely.


Meditate for a few minutes and visualize the person making contact with you.


Once the candle is extinguished, you may dispose of the paper.


I have known this spell to work is as little as twenty minutes!


If you decide to give this spell a try, please share your experience with me.  I thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and as always I wish you peace, happiness and abundant blessings!









Gardening Update!

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As promised, here are some pictures of my magical balcony garden.  In one month, my plants have flourished and my herbs are growing at rapid speed and soon will be ready for a variety of magical uses.  Also, I’m sure that at some point during the month of June the flowers will start to bloom.  My sunflowers which will be used as an offering at my Halloween gathering are growing bigger with each passing day.  June 23rd is the night of Saint John and I will be collecting plants from the wild then as well to use in magical rituals and the preparation of charms and potions.  I will post more updates at the end of June!

The Mother of all Spiritual Cleansings

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CandlesToday I would like to share something that I have come to call the “The Mother of All Spiritual Cleansings.” It comes from Romania and is deeply rooted in the Orthodox Christian faith that is the predominant religion of Eastern Europe.  I first learned of this cleansing, which is in fact a fast combined with a daily regimen of prayers, from two Romanian women in 2012 who would prefer to remain anonymous but who are devout believers not only in Orthodoxy but in all aspects of the supernatural.  This fast is attributed to Fr. Ilarion Argatu, a famous Romanian Orthodox monk known for his piety and whose life was reportedly filled with many miraculous occurrences.  As a spiritual worker, I have dealt with many types of spiritual cleansing involving herbs, prayer, special baths and even transferring a person’s negativity into other objects such as eggs or dolls.  All of these work and I use and recommend them, but I have to say that by far the cleansing fast that I will present here is the strongest and most thorough but also one of the hardest to perform.  Not only will this cleansing break and rid you of all spells, charms, hexes and curses done against you, but it will also expel any evil spirits that may have attached themselves to you and expose the people who have done witchcraft on you and give you the chance to bind them from doing further harm.  Also, the fast unbinds anything that may be stuck, for example if you are experiencing financial or relationship difficulties or just feel stuck in life, this fasting cleanse can unbind all of that and help get your life flowing in the right direction again.  The fast even removes curses and spiritual debts going back nine generations in your family history that may still affect you on a personal level.  You can ask for specific favors or blessings.  After doing this fast, a person emerges spiritually clean and free of all negativity and blockages and it truly blessed with power and protection.


Fasting is an important part of almost all the religions of the world and therefore is an important spiritual discipline that keeps our minds, bodies and souls focused on all that is good.  Fasting, the act of abstaining from all food or certain types of food for a given amount of time is in and of itself a form of prayer.  For maximum spiritual benefit, fasting should be accompanied by prayer and acts of charity.  In Orthodox Christianity, fasting has an important place in the spiritual lives of all believers and the truly devout will fast more than half of the year.  In the case of Orthodox Christianity, fasting involves abstaining from all animal products, alcohol and olive oil during certain periods of the year preceding important holy days and on most Wednesdays and Fridays.  There are exceptions and certain days entail stricter or less strict fasts, but the general idea is to eat only a vegan diet and exercise moderation with what one chooses to consume among the permitted foods.  The following fast is incredibly strict, but the rewards and graces obtained there through are well worth the effort.  I would advise you to seek the advice of a doctor before embarking on such a rigorous fast and to always follow medical advice and also follow the dictates of your own conscious as with any spiritual exercise it is the faith, trust and love that you put into it that matter far more than adhering to the actual rules.


I have translated the rules of the fast and the prayers from Romanian to English and while the original Romanian is more poetic, the translations are perfectly adequate in expressing the original intentions and sentiments for this devout spiritual exercise.


Rules of the Cleansing and Unbinding Fast


You are to keep the fast for 9 days starting on a Monday.


One Monday, Wednesday and Friday you keep a complete fast taking no food at all.  If this is too rigorous, you may eat one full Vegan meal each day.  Water may be drunk as you need it.


On all other days you are to consume no animal products or alcohol.  All vegetables and plant products are permitted.


Start each day by taking a small sip of Holy Water taken from an Orthodox church.  If you cannot find Orthodox holy water, you may omit this step as holy water from Catholic churches is not meant to be drunk.  If you have Catholic holy water, you may simply bless yourself with it each morning making the Sign of the Cross.


You are to perform your daily prayers as usual but also through the course of the day make 40 prostrations while making the Sign of the Cross.  Recite three Our Fathers between each prostration.


Pray daily the Litany of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  (Acatistul Domnului Isus Christos or Acatistul Mantuitorului in Romanian) If you cannot find the litany, simply recite the Our Father several times throughout the day.


At 10 pm each evening, or at midnight if possible, place 9 candles in the form of a cross and light them.  The candles must be allowed to burn out on their own.  This is important.  Once the candles are lit, recite the following prayer:


Undo, Oh Lord, all spells, curses and witchcraft done on me by my known and unknown enemies.  Undo them and may they have no power over me.  Send away all unclean spirits and send them to the wastelands when man does not live never to return to me.  May those who wish me evil appear to me, (say your name) a slave of God.  Amen.


After reciting this prayer you will notice that those who wish you harm will start to feel uneasy and come to you.  Simply ignore them and don’t let them know that you have knowledge of their workings.  Simply pray for them and ask that they be forgiven and recite the following prayer to bind them from doing further harm:


Undo, Oh Lord, all workings with which my enemy (say the person’s name) has bound me.  Undo them and may they have no power over me.  Send away all unclean spirits, send them to the wastelands where man does no live never to return to me again.  Forgive the sins of your slave (say your name) and grant me peace.  Amen.


Each night when you say your prayers and the candles burn, recite the following prayer asking that all blockages that hold you back from prosperity, good health and progress in life be removed.


Bless me God with the gift of money, the ability to work and keep a good Christian home with food, clothing and the power to work and gain prosperity in my life.  (Ask for the freeing of anything you feel is blocked in your life-marriage, relationship, job issues etc.)  Amen.


Recite each night the following prayer to the Archangels Michael and Gabriel asking for the removal of all generational curses that may have been passed down to you and for their help in making a successful fast:


Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel, carry my unworthy prayer and my unworthy fast to Almighty God for the forgiveness of my sins and those of my parents, grandparents and all those in my family lineage who have fallen asleep in the Lord up to the ninth generation and grant this petition that I make with faith and trust (make your request) Amen.


This is a very intense and in depth cleansing that I would only advise you to take when you are in dire need of spiritual help or are ready to make a fresh start in your life.  Also, due to the rigorousness of the fast, it’s best to do it at a time when you are on vacation or at least not obliged to do any heavy or emotionally taxing work.  After the nine days you will truly feel reborn and empowered to a level you never thought possible.  It’s an experience that is truly life changing.


I hope you have enjoyed this blog post and as always I wish you peace, happiness and abundant blessings!



Spring Garden Magic

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It is no coincidence that mMarigolds Garden Magicany witches and other spiritually attuned people are also master gardeners.  This comes as a natural and blessed consequence of being in touch with the seasons and the Earth’s cycle.  Not to mention the fact that herbs, flowers and roots make up the vast majority of the ingredients used in our spells and rituals and there is no denying that the plants grown or gathered by oneself are much more economical and several times more powerful than those bought at a grocery store or spiritual supply shop.  Plants that are started from seed, tended all season with patience and love and harvested with the intention of spiritual use are charged with such incredibly energy that makes for the most powerful and impactful of spells.  I have also noticed that witches’ and voodoo practioners’ gardens tend to be more fertile and lavish than those tended by non-magical people because we are in the habit of infusing our plants with magic during every stage of their development.  I have briefly blogged about garden magic in the past, but today I would like to discuss more in depth the types of plants I grow and their spiritual uses.  I have also shared some photos today of plants that I’ve started from seed and I will post updates periodically throughout the growing season.

IMG_2432In early spring, I start my herbs inside in flower pots and seed trays and as the weather warms I place them outside in the sun.  I keep the herbs and flowers that I grow in the room and on the balcony where I do my daily prayers and rituals and they definitely soak up the spiritual energy and grow at a faster rate and in a more abundant way than is typical of most plants.  I grow several herbs such as thyme, basil, abre camino, yerba bruja, rompe zaraguey that I use to prepare spiritual baths and gris gris charms as well as flowers that I burn as offerings in dried form at my annual Halloween and All Saints’ Day service.  In addition to growing plants myself, I also gather several herbs and flowers of Saint John’s Night (June 23rd-24th) for spiritual uses.  In various spiritual traditions, Saint John’s Night is the most powerful night of the year for doing spiritual work and the herbs, flowers and water gathered from natural sources on that night are extra powerful.  I currently live in a city apartment, so I’m limited to what I can grow on my balcony, but in years past when I lived in a more rural setting my favorite thing to grow was pumpkins which I would tend with care all summer and then carve at Halloween to light the way for visiting good spirits and ancestors and frighten away all negative spirits and energies.  This year I have decided to grow sunflowers in the communal garden space of my building and use the petals in a new spiritual bath I’ve developed and present the seeds as an offering to the earth and ancestors at this fall.  I have the sunflower seeds started already indoors and will be transferring them outside soon. This is definitely a very exciting time of year when everything starts to grow and bloom as spring gets into full swing and heads into summer.

IMG_2425I hope you have enjoyed this brief discussion on garden magic and as always I wish you peace, happiness and abundant blessings!