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Beautiful Testimonial!

Peace be with you my friends!  I just wanted to share with you this beautiful testimonial that I received today from a woman I will call "S."  Her words made me incredibly happy and made me remember why I do what I do!

Testimonial November 11, 2010

I want everyone to know I am a “real” person writing this. I, like you have been heartbroken over a failed relationship. I was desperate to find a solution. I thought about spell casting and psychic readings to see if there was any help. I trusted many, and received nothing. This only added to my heartbreak. One day I was reading a blog about spell casting and someone mentioned the name James Duvalier. I decided to check out the website. I looked at the website and felt something different so I decided to do a reading with James and find out about my situation with my ex.

I want you to know James contacted me immediately after my purchase (by Phone) and told me things about my situation he could not have known. James said he would cast a spell which he would just include in with my reading. I was shocked, every psychic or spell caster I had ever been in contact with had never offered anything “free”. As we continued I realized what an amazing person James is. He is caring, compassionate and kind. He has always responded to my e-mails in a timely manner and he is always supportive and uplifting.

My situation is ongoing but James has assured me everything will work out. He knows my ex will return and we will resume our relationship. I am telling you if you want a compassionate, caring  and kind man to help you use James. He will not let you down. To you James thank you for your support, you have been invaluable to me. I will continue to use you for all of my needs as well as refer everyone I know to you. You have said my ex will return and I trust you. Thank you for being such an incredible human being. My blessings always….SA

Thank you so much “S”.  May the ancestors and all the Saints bless you abundantly and bless all those that read these words!

  • T

    Hello people in need of hep,

    I guess you won’t drop by this bloke’s website by random. Well, don’t ask my why I have such a good guess. It’s of course not because I possess formidable psychic gifts like James :)) It because I’m just one among you, a strong person who is in need of help to make her even stronger 😉 Enough kidding around, let’s be serious.

    As our business hasn’t finished yet, I cannot tell whether James is a powerful spell caster. However, I put all of my self-confidence over the fact that he is the best listener, a real and genuine friend. He truly deeply gives you the best help and the most individual attention. His honest and kind words gives you such a wonderful emotional shelter where you can always visit whenever life tries to make a little bit fun of you 🙂 Oh well, and I love his pricing, too.

    And I love you so, James

  • Jack

    Hi everyone, my name is Jack and I want everyone to know that James is am amazing person. I had work done from him, a cleansing spell and return to me spell. I am using him too return my ex. Before he did the cleansing I was always uptight, worried about losing her and depressed, after he did it I felt a lot more calm and comfortable of my situation and felt positive that my ex girlfriend will return to me, its just a matter of time. His return to me spell is still in the works but I have a great feeling about everything. He was always there to respond to my emails and my extensive questions lol.

    Thank you Jamie for giving me your time. I am keeping an open mind heart and positive attitude thanks to you. Bless you and the good you do for people.


    • the_doctor

      Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂

  • Jack

    Thank you for the reading today Jamie. I feel great and positive about my situation and how things are going to turn out with the love of my life. Thank you for being there for me and giving me a reading. Whoever is thinking about using James let me tell you that he is the real deal. He is loving, caring and passionate about his work. I will look out for the dates you gave me James. He did not try to sell me on products or take my money after his reading. A truly honest person. Bless you and thank you.

    THANK YOU!!!


  • CGH

    Hi James, I wanted to say I agree with the testimonial above 100%. You are the real deal. I asked for your help and you were there, even in my darkest hour. I was stressed and full of despair, not only did you answer you were a comfort. You did not try to sell me more and more or take me to the cleaners the way others do. You have integrity and compassion for people and it shows in your work. Progress is ongoing and so far so good ! Thank you so much for your help. If anyone is considering your services I would tell them to not wait another minute James is a gift ! Special thanks to you St James …..St Expedite and Anaisa.

    Ontario, Canada

  • Deb

    Thank you for all of your assistance with the various Services and Spells I’ve purchased over the past couple of years. I completely agree with the wonderful testimonials I’ve been reading. You are the “Real Deal! You respond quickly to questions and concerns with compassion and accurate insight, and really care about helping people. I truly appreciate all you’ve done for me! You are the #1 person I’d recommend to anyone looking for help! Thanks for being you!!! : )

  • randi

    Hey Jamie it’s me Randi. I just wanted to you that I agree with what everyone here is saying. You’ve become so much more then a psychic to me – you’ve become a great friend. You’re an amazing listener and an all around good person. I’m so blessed to have found you. Thank you for all you do for me on a daily basis. Love you jamie:)

    • Thank you so much!

      • randi

        You’re a beautiful person james. Thank you!

  • randi

    Hey james it’s me again 🙂 I just wanted to reiterate to everyone how wonderful and amazing you are. I am a real person who had the great fortune and luck to be blessed with finding james duvalier. He is the most compassionate, kindest person I’ve ever had the pleasure of interacting with. There are no words to describe my gratitude to this man. I believe st martha led me to him and to her I will be eternally grateful. Through james I found st expedite and without the 3 of them I don’t know where I’d be. I would recommend james to every single person walking this planet. In fact I feel bad for people who don’t know him bc they are missing out on one of the greatest kindest men. On aa daily basis james listens to me and never once has he made me feel like I was burdening him. He is. A true friend and if thanked him from now until the year 3000 it wouldn’t be enough. Thank you james for everything 🙂

  • Jane Slater

    I have only recently been in contact with Jamie. and while I have not yet undertaken spell work I can say already that I know as an empath and intuitive person that I have been led here for the greater good. Its first time I have felt that.

  • Tracy Casillas


    Thank you for years of service for my time(s) of need. I am a testimony that your work is effective and that you are kind and reilable. I can attest that my situations had great outcomes due to your graceful work. I can also attest that you do NOT persuade the selling of your services or feedback testimony. (as this is my first posting). I encourage those inquiring on this site – to definitely give James your situation and let him work on it for you – his work is more than affordable for a life changing outcome.

  • randi

    Perfectly said Tracy Casillas. James is wonderful and his work is amazing. He’s an incredible person whom I am blessed to have found. I wish the whole world knew about this blessing that is james. Love you james and thank you for everything. 🙂

  • Gee

    May the ancestors and the creator bless all that read and believe my testimony. James is such an amazing spirit. I am very blessed to have discovered him through his website about 2 years ago, however, this is the first time that I have requested him to do work for me. He performed the Anaisa Pye Love spell for me, and I have very pleased with the results. Let’s just say that me and the love of my life is on the right course to reconcile. She wasn’t even talking to me (about 3 months of NO CONTACT) at all but once James performed the spell, one week later we started to talk via imessage and next thing I know we were meeting for brunch and a sleep over. I continued to pray throughout the this time, and pray that James will be blessed. He is truly amazing and he isn’t after your money, he just wants to help.

    There is never any guarantees he said, but I say with faith and James that is all you need. I will continue to use him and I suggest everyone do the same.

    Thank you James for your help, I am truly grateful. God Bless!

    Peace and Blessings,


  • R

    I cried out to the Universe for help. The Universe heard my cries and sent me James Duvalier. I am please, and feel a sense of assurance that everything will be just fine… :-):-):-)

  • Gee

    I am here to write another testimony. Once again, James has helped me again. I got the job that I wanted and I feel like this is actually my time. I will start my new job on Jan. 4th, 2016. This will be a fresh new start for me, I have never started a new year on such a high note. Thanks to James, I can now say and actually believe that everything is really manifesting and happening for me. He has increased my faith in the Universe and God. I suggest if you are looking for help to please contact James. Have faith and patience, oh and never ever cease praying—- everything is going to work out! Thank you James for all of your help, kind words and motivation. You are truly an angel.

    Peace, blessings and love,


  • R

    Hello, Thank you James for all your prayers and spiritual help. Everything worked out for the best. I am grateful! :-):-):-)

  • jade

    Hi James

  • RB

    James is the Best, I am so very Grateful/Thankful for all he has done for me. May God’s phenomenal blessings be showered upon you, family and your ancestors.

  • Gloria Gordon

    I need to talk to u about something

  • carl

    Hi James i wanted to tell everyone of how you have helped me over the last couple of months , my wife and i split up 11 months ago after 14 years and my life fell apart .
    I have been to the darkest depths that any human being can sink to and just wanted to curl up and die, but i found James site quite by accident and got a feeling he could help me, so i contacted him and told him what had happened and that i had tried other spell casters and got nothing.
    Within a few hours james contacted me and told me he could help he listened to what i had to say and advised me on how i should proceed, every time i have fell back into the darkest place a light has always been shone at me and james has his hand outstretched and has pulled me back to my feet.
    I have bought a couple of things from james and i do believe they will work , he has told me that it will take time but i will save my marriage and get my wife back and i truly believe him , i have constantly bombarded james with emails (sorry james) and he has replied to them he has become a life line for me .
    So for any doubters out there i was the biggest sceptic but not anymore he told me things would happen and within a day or so they did now he has to get that kind of knowledge from somewhere and i am so glad he has because he has literally saved my life.
    THANK YOU JAMES for everything you have done for me and for being there when i needed someone the most, i would be honoured to call you my friend i cannot thank you enough and i have recommended you to a lot of people Thanks again james.


    • Thank you so much, Carl, for your kind words. I always try the best I can to help people through difficult situations and bring about a positive resolution.

    • Randi

      I agree with everything you said. James is a wonderful person and I am so blessed to have found him. I’m relieved to know that I am not the only one who bombards James with emails all day 😂 But James is always so sweet and so comforting. Thank you James for blessing all of our lives ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • R

    God/Goddess Blessings James, Just a testimony… Yesterday when I arrived at school something can over me that I was not familiar with at all. It was as thou something grasp and tightened around my ankles. Then all of a sudden I felt a weight was on my chest and I could breath… I Stop and started to pray really loudly to God/Goddess, recited the 23 & 91 psalm, calling on Yemaya, my Ancestors you named it. Well they answered to my call. So I arrived to my first class, for most of the class, I was feeling fine. Then as the class was wrapping up I started to feel that feeling of weakness. Something started to crawl up my legs and I not breath. Again I prayed and went to the next class, which is the prof. I am having the trouble with… Well I notice that the feelings and issues became much more intense. I was suppose to present my paper today but in my mind I believe that I was to present the next week. The prof. called my name and I told her that I wasn’t ready and that I apologize for the confusion of the dates. I asked her If I could present next week and she was ready to ponce when in the nick of time a student came to my aide and said she would present in my place and I could take her place next week this was nothing but You and GOD ALMIGTY intercession stopping the prof from trying to destroy me… I say all this to say, that when you pray for help and have a strong belief and faith everything goes well.
    James since I have been working with you, all I have seen was miraculous miracles. When I contact you, you are always willing to help and you, assure me that all will go well. May the universe continue to bless you and yours forever and always! Your a real Gem.

    • God be praised! Thank you so much for your kinds words. I know things will continue to get better and better for you!

  • A.M.

    I would like to take a moment and mention my experience with Jamie. I have a few different things ongoing with him as far as spiritual work, but I came to him with several situations and he is and has been very communicative with me in a compassionate way on each issue. I have come to him with relationship issues that are in the process of being worked on at this time and he is always there to answer any questions that I have. With two of the workings he has done, I have already seen those things come to pass in the timeframe that he gave to me, as well as progress on some others.
    I have been so relieved to have found someone who works honestly and that I can speak to like a friend throughout the entire process.
    Also, I have had a reading with Jamie on a past issue that I was looking for some proper closure on. He more than helped me with this and gave me very accurate information on the situation.
    He always deals in kindness and truth. There is something about him that makes you feel right at home and he always follows through on everything. I think that this just adds to the fact that his work speaks for itself.
    I am someone who has searched for an honest person who does real work and it has been quite difficult, (as some of you may know). There are people out here who will not help you, will take your money and run and leave you worse off than when you came to them.
    Jamie goes above and beyond and I absolutely trust him and his work. I see it working.This is real and it works with the right practitioner behind it, and I am a regular person and a die-hard skeptic saying this!
    Thank you Jamie for your kindness, your great insights and all that you do.
    I am blessed to have found you.

  • M.H.

    A Testimony: James has been a beacon of light and hope for me. He is not only responsive (even though I feel like I annoy him with all my questions, haha!) he is accurate and extremely compassionate. He definitely helps to calm my nerves when I feel like things are crashing down around me. He allows me to see that things are not as bad they seem. Everything he has said so far has come to pass and I am so looking forward to the beautiful things he has predicted, as well. James truly has a gift and I am so thankful that he has chosen to share that gift with the rest of the world.

    Thank you so much James.


    • Thank you so much for your beautiful comment!

      • Jazmine

        Hello Mr. Duvalier. I am need of your services and couldn’t figure out how to get a hold of you.

  • T.H.

    My communication with James for the past week or so have been exceptional… He is responsive and no matter how many times I may ask some of the same questions (I’m a worry worrier) he continues to assure me that things are moving in the right direction. The first time I spoke with him he was very kind/pleasant and got to work on my requests immediately. My situation is stil ongoing, however despite my worries my heart tells me James is genuine ( I haven’t had that feeling with anyone else I’ve reached out to). In this difficult time I am blessed to have come in contact with James, and trust me if you’re considering contacting him to assist you, you won’t be disappointed at all.


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