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Bath for Lasting Wealth

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Bath for Lasting WealthIn the past I have shared money drawing baths on this blog to help draw quick money.  I have developed the following bath to help drawn a steady stream of lasting income into your life.  I have seen people get new jobs or have their businesses become successful after using this bath.   The herbs included are for steady and progressive wealth as opposed to instant money that soon fizzles out.




You will need:

 Handful of dried rue

Handful of dried sunflower petals

Seven bay leaves


Bring all the ingredients to a boil and simmer of exactly 7 minutes.


Allow the mixture to cool and strain.


Add the liquid to your bath water and bathe as you normally would.


As you bathe, imagine money flowing into your life and creating the lifestyle you would like to live.


Meditate for as long as you’d like and once you’ve finished soaking simply get out of the tub and continue about the rest of your day and allow lasting wealth to manifest in your life.


As side note, if you have sensitive skin, you may wish to brew a smaller quantity of this liquid and sprinkle it around your home or place of business as opposed to using it as a bath.  The spiritual effects will be the same.


I thank you for taking the time to read my blog and as always I wish you peace, happiness and abundant blessings!





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  • sabrina

    Hi James, thank you for sharing this with everyone. What if you don’t have immediate access to rue or sunflowers?

    • You could use other money drawing herbs that are available at any grocery store such as mint, mustard seeds and basil. Also the peels of oranges and clementines are very useful in money magic. I eat the oranges and dry out the peels to use them in baths and charms.

      • sabrina

        Thank you again 🙂 I think I’ll give this a try.

        • You’re welcome. Let me know how it goes.

          • fiona

            Hi Jamie, I’ve heard Bayberry is a good herb for drawing in money – is there any truth in this ? thank you

          • Yes, it’s absolutely true. In fact, most spiritual shops sell bayberry candles as well as bayberries and bayberry leaves for money drawing purposes.

      • sabrina

        Will substituting any of these ingredients not yield the same result? Does it effect or change anything?

        • It might make the money come faster but fizzle out quicker as well. For example, orange peels usually bring fast money, but it doesn’t last as long as if you use rue. Mustard seeds are good however for fast and lasting money, so if you did a dried orange peel and mustard seed combination it would bring money quickly but make the luck last as well, which would be good.

  • Emy

    Please can i use only orange peel dried and mustard seeds and how exactly will I prepare them and also hope it will be effective and has a lasting effect? Emeka Nigeria.

    • Yes, you can use only those two ingredients. I would boil them and strain and then cool the liquid and add it to your bath water or pour it over your head in the shower.

  • Start

    Hello James
    I’m really enjoying your blog and this is to let you know that after I performed the revocation ritual, I prepared this bath but also added a few other herbs as well (orange peels, Five finger grass, yellow mustard seeds). It’s been incredible!!! I saved some of the bath water and poured in a spray bottle, which I use to wipe my table and computer everyday at work.

    I work in sales and I’ve never met my sales target 🎯 Just did today!

    Through your recommendation, I don’t throw my orange peels anymore. Thanks for the information you share here!!! HUGE Fan

    • I’m so happy to hear this! Thank you for sharing your amazing experience!

  • fiona

    If I use this oil on a green candle for money drawing, will the efffects still be the same? thank you

    • I would say it would intensify the effects of the candle. It’s definitely a good idea.

  • Taylor

    Do you strain the money bath mixture before pouring it over your head. Also does it matter that the orange peel was not dried also I used cloves because I could not find the orange leaves will the bath still work

    • I always strain it just because it makes clean up easier but it will work either way. Fresh orange peel is fine!

      • Taylor

        Thanks one last question how long does it take for the bath to usually work also I’m interested in getting a reading also

  • Del La

    Hello James,

    Thank you for these spells and rituals. I did this one last night but I used clementine peels, yellow mustard seeds and other money drawing herbs, along with the 7 bay leaves. How often do I need to do this bath?

    By the way, I did this at midnight and was so energized I was wide awake until after 2am! I have no doubt this will work!

    Also, I need some fast cash, can I now do the ritual to draw in quick money or should I wait for this ritual to gain power?

    Thanks again and many blessings to you!

    • I’m glad you have the bath a try. I know it will kick in soon. It’s fine to go ahead and do the fast money spell. It will compliment this ritual nicely and will provide a quick burst of cash while the bath you just did will drawn in lasting wealth and improve finances in terms of the big picture. You don’t need to do the bath that often. Maybe twice a year is fine. I live to do money baths and spells around the New Year and also around Halloween since the spiritual veil is so thin then that spells are strongly magnified.

      • Del La

        Thanks James for your response and advice. I will try the Quick Money bath today and let you know if it boosts my luck!

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