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Astral Projection and Dream Travel

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fall-colors-in-wvaIt was a morning like any other. I was sixteen years old and I was walking around the house getting ready for school. I heard a loud banging sound and realized that I had been asleep and my mother was knocking on my bedroom door telling me that I had slept through my alarm and I was going to be late for school. When I went downstairs I asked her why she had not waken me up earlier and she responded by saying that she had seen me walking around the house already dressed and ready for school just as I had seen myself minutes earlier in what I perceived to be a dream. I realized that I had experienced an episode of astral projection. It is a truly surreal and wonderful experience.


Leaving one’s body for the purpose or traveling or conjuring in the form of an incorporeal spirit is common is many spiritual traditions around the world. Those who practice Shamanism in various forms in locations as disparate as Siberia, the Arctic and the American Southwest all believe that it is possible to leave one’s own body and oftentimes appear in the form of an animal or as an apparition of one’s self. In the French speaking Caribbean there are shapeshifting witches known as loogaroo who are usually elderly women skilled in conjure work who overtime have attained and ability to travel in astral form taking on the shape of birds, wolves and other beasts. It is said that when a loogaroo leaves her body, she lays in a catatonic state unresponsive with her mouth wide open until the first light of morning when her spirit returns to her body. Much astral travel, as seen in my personal experience above, happens spontaneously during sleep. Sleep itself is a magical state where much supernatural phenomena can occur. Before going to sleep it’s always a good idea to ask your guardian angel to watch over you and upon waking give thanks for returning safely to your waking state. It’s also a good idea to wash your hands immediately upon waking to cleanse yourself of and remnants of energy or spiritual attachments that you may have brought back from the astral plane. If you have holy water or florida water available, you can bless and cleanse yourself with these upon waking. It is a common practice for spiritual workers in many Afro-Caribbean traditions to cleanse themselves with florida water and bless themselves with holy water upon waking in the morning and retiring for the night.


With practice and determination, it is possible to acquire the ability to astral travel at will. Since most astral travel happen spontaneously during sleeping hours, it is best to use this time to master astral travel techniques. We have all had dreams where we know we are dreaming, but once we come to this realization, we usually wake up immediately. Instead of waking ourselves up, we should try to remain in the dream and take advantage of this state to astral travel or conjure up worlds we wish to explore. In this state, I have often envisioned myself flying over beautiful landscapes or traveling in the form of an animal. Another technique that may be applied to induce such a state is to try to maintain a state of semi consciousness via a visualization of your choice as you drift off to sleep and soon you will find yourself in a state of conscious sleep where astral travel and remote viewing become possible. These techniques require time, practice and patience so do not feel frustrated if you are not able to master them immediately but approach them as something fun and enjoyable. I have a friend in Maine who is an expert astral traveler and she has reconnected with other spiritually inclined friends on the astral plane who she hadn’t seen in years and when she met up with them physically after their astral encounter, they were able to describe in detail the common vision they had shared on the astral plane.


Astral travel on demand is a skill that takes time to master and I myself am definitely not an expert at it. In addition to the story I shared at the beginning of this post, I do have another spontaneous astral projection story that is a bit comical. As we’ve seen in my previously described experience, during astral travel a person can often appear in spectral form to other people at a distance. One night years ago after work I was incredibly tired so I laid on the couch listening to the TV and drifted off to sleep. Immediately I dreamed that I was in my friend Bonnie’s living room standing directly across from her. What was strange though was that I was looking into the room as if I were encased in glass fishbowl. In my dream, Bonnie was sitting in her recliner looking directly at me. The dream faded and I awoke to the sound of the phone ringing. I answered and it was Bonnie! In an excited voice she said, “James! I was just sitting here and I saw your face materialize on the TV screen and look directly at me!” I told her about the dream I was having only moments before and we both concurred that it was not a simple dream but a spontaneous out of body experience. I have tried many times through meditation, but I have not been about to recreate such a powerful experience of astral travel.


I hope you have enjoyed reading a bit about the subject of astral projection. If you have any experiences to share regarding astral travel of any aspect of the paranormal or supernatural, I would love to hear them as these are subjects that truly fascinate me. As always I thank you for stopping by and I wish you peace, happiness and abundant blessings!

  • Labelle2016

    I don’t dream as often as I want to, or should I say that I don’t always remember my dream the way I wish I did. Just tonight, I remember falling asleep at 1:50 AM, and woke 1:55 from a very nice dream that I am not too clear about. In the dream, I travelled an empty road filled with large dead animals. Looks like I have a male partner who will let me help people anyway I see fit. I saw a little girl who trusted me and came inside to get food in our well stocked freezer, Instead of running away like she has done every time she sees someone. I let her open each freezer doors to pick and choose her food. Then I woke up….

    Even if I am uncertain about the exact meaning of the dream, I love that I was helping a young girl whom trusted me to come inside to get food. And I am deeply happy I am not doing my foundation work alone, I have a partner who is there to protect me and let me help the people the way my heart feels I should help.

    • I love that dream! It implies a sense of community, generosity and love. I’m sure it also means that blessings are coming your way soon.

      • Labelle2016

        I agree 🙂

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