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About Me

James Duvalier, Author, Paranormal Researcher and Spiritual Advisor (Photographer: Stefan Badulescu)

Peace be with you my friends! I am James Duvalier-author, psychic, spiritual teacher and paranormal researcher.  Since early childhood, I have lived my life between the spiritual and physical worlds.  At the age of three, I was able to see spirits, often times mistaking them for living people and by five I could see auras and visions of my own past lives and those of others.  Such clairvoyant abilities are common in young children but are soon discouraged by family and society out of ignorance and fear. Thankfully, my family, many of whom are also talented psychics and mediums, recognized and nurtured my gift.

As I grew, I became endlessly fascinated with any subject related to the occult or supernatural. As a teenager, I checked out piles of books from the library on such subjects as telekinesis, tasseography, spell casting, channeling, faeries and ghosts and would devour them for hours on end.  Whenever I heard of a group meeting to discuss spiritual, metaphysical or supernatural themes, I was there. I am a priest of New Orleans Voodoo in the tradition of Marie Laveau. Throughout my twenties I travelled to many places around the world, studied and underwent initiations in various spiritual traditions.  As a result of my own spiritual journey, I have come to the conclusion that the absolute truth behind all religions and spiritual practices is that we are on an ever evolving path toward love, peace and happiness.

It is with this principal in mind, that I offer you with an open heart the tools and services of this website. All of the readings, products, courses, articles and services are designed for the ultimate purpose of helping you achieve balance, happiness and peace in both material and spiritual areas of your life.

In addition to my spiritual works, I am a researcher of paranormal phenomena.  Over the years, professors, graduate students and film makers have sought my expertise on subjects such as Afro-Caribbean religions, various forms of witchcraft and magic and apparitions. People have also sought my help in cases of hauntings and poltergeist activity.  If you are interested in these subjects, please check out my blog and follow me on Facebook where we discuss all kinds of spiritual and supernatural phenomena.

I thank you for taking the time to visit my website and I look forward to performing readings and other services for you. Please feel free to contact me via email any time with questions or comments regarding my readings, online courses or my services as a paranormal researcher and investigator.  Also, please add me on Facebook!

May God and the Saints bless you abundantly!


James is an HONEST,CARING and KIND person! If he tells you something... that is the truth. Thank you so much Jamie! You share your gift to people who are in need and always use your powers with kindness and your prices are so affordable too. Thank you and your spirits!

— Andrew, Providence, Rhode Island —

Here it is! Dr.Jamie said this week was it...my estranged boyfriend would call..I must say, I didn't really believe it because of the circumstances..but I got communication today and he has agreed to move back in with me! Jamie's predictions are unfolding. Jamie is highly accurate and just like talking to a friend.

— Melanie, Barre, Ontario —

Wow!!!! Jamie, I am profoundly impressed with your accuracy! So much of what you've predicted has come to pass! I was sure my marriage was over and through your patient and kind consultation you helped me see that this was not the case. And your spell work? Without equal! Jamie, you astound me with your accuracy...it's like you see it all. I'm amazed. I have bounced around from psychic to psychic and caster to caster for years, but none has been as on point as you! Thank you from the bottom on my heart!

— Celia, San Diego, CA —

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A Story of Marie Laveau

I wish to share with you a story from the life of Marie Laveau, the infamous Voodoo Queen, that shows the awesome power of Voodoo and the kindhearted spirit of Marie herself. In the summer of 1854, a convicted murderer was sentenced to be hanged in New Orleans’s Congo Square. It was common knowledge that Marie had spoken out against this particular execution and that she had tried to exercise her influence with the court magistrates to get the accused’s sentence commuted, but to no avail. Marie’s failure to win over the judges caused rumors to circulate about her waning influence and this angered Marie almost as much as the practice of public execution.

Portrait of Marie Laveau from the Voodoo MuseumThe day was warm and bright and hundreds gathered under cloudless skies to witness the event. The black-hooded executioner read the death sentence and securely tightened the noose around the condemned criminal’s neck. As he reached to pull the lever that would send the man to his death, Marie arrived with her ever present pet snake Zombie wrapped tightly around her. The crowd parted to make way for the Voodoo Queen. Standing by the scaffolding, she looked up at the executioner and the condemned, her face stern with anger. The crowd remained silent. As she stood there, the once clear sky filled with clouds and a violent wind beat down on all those present.

The executioner, fulfilling his obligation, pulled the lever and sent the condemned man hurdling toward the ground. With certain death seconds away, the noose came undone and the rope slipped over his head. He landed on the ground unharmed. According to tradition and law, this miraculous occurrence was deemed an act of God and the criminal’s sentence was converted to imprisonment and he was thus saved from death by hanging. After that day, the people of New Orleans never again doubted the power and influence of Marie Laveau and they took the miraculous escape as a sign of Marie’s unparalleled favor in the spirit world.

Portrait of Marie Laveau created after a painting by Frank Schneider, in turn after George Catlin; original in the Cabildo in New Orleans.