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I am James Duvalier-author, psychic, spiritual teacher and paranormal researcher. As a result of my own spiritual journey, I have come to the conclusion that the absolute truth behind all religions and spiritual practices is that we are on an ever evolving path toward love, peace and happiness. It is with this principal in mind, that I offer you with an open heart the tools and services of this website. All of the readings, products, courses, articles and services are designed for the ultimate purpose of helping you achieve balance, happiness and peace in both material and spiritual areas of your life.

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I thank you for taking the time to visit my website and I look forward to performing readings or other services for you. Please feel free to contact me via email any time with questions or comments regarding my services, online courses or my novels. May God and the Saints bless you abundantly!

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Readings are available by phone and email, prices start at $20. Keep reading to learn more about the various types of readings that I offer.

E. Freda - General Readings ButtonGeneral Reading - A general reading consists of a direct consultation with my spirit guides and the use of my personal intuitive abilities to provide a general plan to bring about success in all areas of your life and of course look into any specific questions or ...read more

Design-Graphic-Engraving-Sun-anthropomorphizedMedium Services - Since an early age, I have had the ability to see and communicate with spirits who are on the other side or trapped between the spiritual world and the physical world. I have even been called to investigate hauntings and poltergeist activity...read more

Race of Hero Spirits Illustration used in James Duvaliers course offering section MediumshipPast Life Reading - Just as the experiences of this life contribute to who we are and how we related to the world, so do our past lives influence the purpose and direction of our current existence.Oftentimes we even carry over phobias and passions from...read more

Tea Leaves Reading, Tasseography, Vintage Tea CupTea Leaves Reading: Tasseography - Tasseography, more commonly known as a tea leaves reading is a popular form of divination in Europe especially among the Gypsies, and a similar practice of reading coffee grounds or sediment from brewed ...read more

James Duvalier Image CollageMisa Espiritual - The Misa Espiritual or Spiritual Mass is the most intense and thorough reading that can be done. Not only does it reveal in depth information about your past, present and future, but also confers spiritual protection and empowerment...read more

Life Chart Reading - Sacred Geometry ImageLife Chart Reading - The life chart is essentially a blueprint of who you are spiritually. The compilation of the life chart is a vigorous process that takes into account astrology, numerology, past lives, communication from your spirit guides as well as my own intuitive gifts...read more

Spiritual Services

Spiritual WorkMy spiritual work involves the invocation of spirits and saints according to orthodox Voodoo tradition and the manipulation of energy through the use of charms and consecrated objects. My spiritual services are deep and thorough, done always according to traditional methods as learned directly from previous generations of practitioners and often consist of several days of deep meditative prayer on your behalf. If you are interested in requesting my services as a spiritual worker, please send me an email explaining your situation and needs and we will schedule a personal consultation to see what can be done to help you achieve your desired outcome. Consultations are available via phone, email or Yahoo Messenger...read more

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catherine - That's wonderful...again I messed up and will have to restart my petition to Saint martha....This time though I will have the European Saint martha picture...how many petitions did you do to her and with Saint jude what day and prayer is needed?...is it another 9 week novena?

Cecile - I have completed my 9 novenas and so much has happened over these 9 weeks! He's finally going to move back in for a month to see if we can fix things. There's no guarantees that we will be romantically involved again, but it's a definite start when 9 weeks ago he was refusing to work on anything. Thank you saint Martha for your love, your kindness, your patience, your lessons, your support and listening to my prayers and tears. You have given me perspective, taught me patience, taught me not to be afraid, and to feel whole again. Since he left his life and health took a turn for the worst, and even now it has not improved. He's supposed to move back in on the 1st of March. But something incredible happened. Up until Tuesday, the last novena, he had been very angry and aggressive towards me. We had two massive arguments over the weekend which got me very depressed and I was ready to just walk away. Then suddenly tuesday he did a 180. He stopped being horrible to me, stopped being angry with me. When I asked him how he could have changed overnight, he said he just did and couldn't tell me why. This is very out of character for him. Well I guess saint Martha the dominator did finally break him down. It doesn't change all the horrible things he said to me over the last 7 months, but maybe now he sees the dedication and love I have for this family and for working on keeping it together. Thank you saint Martha. I will continue to burn novenas for you on tuesdays as you have given me so much.

Cecile - Saint Jude is the patron saint of lost causes. He's the one you go to when you've lost all hope in a situation. He performs miracles. But most importantly he helps you not give up. Some people petition him for work related issues. He likes to be thanked publicly and when you give to charity. Saint Jude's children's hospital is a good one. The need for him to be thanked publicly stems from people confusing him with Judas when they're not the same person at all! So often you'll see in his prayers allusions to this issue and to help clear his name. He is comforting.

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